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Daikin is our preferred brand.

Since becoming the first company in Japan to manufacture packaged air conditioning systems, in 1951, Daikin has supported comfortable indoor living based on the strengths and technologies that have led to the growth of the company to the world's largest manufacturer of HVAC products, systems and refrigerants.

Today, as a comprehensive global manufacturer of HVAC products and systems, the Daikin brand is committed to being recognized as "a truly global and excellent company" capable of continuously creating new value for its customers. The company plans to pursue sustainable growth and foster business operations that consistently harmonize with the goals of improving indoor comfort.

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What We Offer

Daikin Inverter Technology

Complete Air & Heat knows that saving money while keeping your home cool is a primary goal for our customers. We have found Daikin offers innovative technology to help achieve this goal. For example, the Daikin DX20VC is a high-efficiency air conditioner powered by a Daikin brand variable-speed compressor, ensuring that the unit can reach up to 24.5 SEER cooling performance, which can result in significantly lower energy bills and better indoor comfort compared to central air conditioners with a single stage compressor. Learn more in this video and let us know how we can help.

Daikin Factory Tour

Complete Air and Heat is proud to offer the reliability and quality of the Daikin product line. Daikin is the world's largest manufacturer of energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation products and systems that provide outstanding indoor comfort control for homes, businesses and industrial customers.

The Daikin Difference

With Daikin Comfort you can expect the world's leading manufacturer of indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and refrigerants to offer our customers energy-efficient products, outstanding warranty coverage, and innovative, but time-tested, features that are designed to provide enhanced, reliable and dependable performance. These are reasons why we choose to offer the Daikin brand to our customers.

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